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Whether you are interested in ourcertifications in Drawing and Painting, Drawing and Sculpture, or ouronline courses, we are here to help you start your training as an artist.

1. Leave us a message through our online form with your name, the course of your interest and your contact number. You can also contact us by "INBOX" on social networks.

2. We will contact you to verify the availability of spaces.

3. You must complete the registration form that will be provided to you and submit a reason letter and portfolio if you have previous experience.

4. Finally, you must pay the registration fee and the first monthly payment.

Admission process

Annual Enrollment  

 $3,450 MXN

Monthly Payment by Subject Drawing and Painting:

$2,750 MXN

Full load monthly payment Drawing and Sculpture:

$15,150 MXN


  • The load of subjects for Drawing and Painting will be defined by the student, being 1 to 5 subjects per quarter. ​

  • Each subject is registered quarterly, acquiring the commitment to pay the corresponding 3 monthly payments.

  • The first payment must be made prior to the registration deadline. 

  • 5% discount on cash payments in advance at the beginning of the quarter for the entire amount. 

  • Prices will be updated annually.

  • Once a payment has been made there will be no refunds.

More details

I'm interested

Complete the following form 

You are getting closer to what your career and training as an artist will be. If you are ready to enroll in a certification or online course, complete the following form, selecting the corresponding option. If you still need to resolve some questions, you can schedule a Zoom session.

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