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Certification in Drawing and Painting

The academic program designed by ARAM is a comprehensive part-time professional study plan, which with validity from the Art Renewal Center certifies in Drawing and Painting.


Structure and Flexibility

Our program is divided into 6 specialized diploma courses, taught in quarterly cycles. Flexibility is one of our great strengths: on average, students complete their certification in 9 quarters, but we offer the possibility of accelerating or taking the path at a more leisurely pace, depending on the needs and aspirations of each one. Each term, the student has the freedom to choose between taking from one to five subjects, thus allowing each student to personalize their educational experience and manage their academic load according to their own pace and lifestyle.

Progress and Competition

Each of our diploma courses is an entity with its own validity, composed of a set of carefully serialized and structured subjects. It is vital that they are taken in a progressive order, thus allowing students to acquire the skills and competencies necessary at each level in an optimal and effective manner. Upon completion of the 6 diplomas, full certification will be granted, a symbol of dedication, effort and mastery in the arts of drawing and painting.

Requirements and Opportunities

It is imperative that students know the pre-requisites of each diploma before choosing it, ensuring they meet the necessary requirements to get the most out of the learning experience. We offer the possibility of taking several diplomas simultaneously during each school year, as long as the criteria established for each one are met. This not only guarantees a complete and coherent training, but also opens up a range of opportunities for those who wish to explore and master various facets of the art.

The Drawing and Painting Certification is divided into 6 diplomas


What certifications does ARAM grant upon completion of programs or courses?

When you complete and complete the certification in Drawing and Painting, we will grant you an internationally recognized certificate for successfully completing this program.

What is the duration of the courses and certifications?

In the Drawing and Painting certification, the duration depends on the number of subjects to be enrolled. On average, the student will take 9 quarters to complete their certification.

What are the monthly and registration costs?

For the certification in Drawing and Painting, the annual registration fee of $3,450 MXN must first be paid and, depending on the number of subjects to be enrolled, a monthly payment of $2,750 MXN depending on the number of subjects to be enrolled.

Is previous experience necessary to take the courses?

No prior experience is required to take our courses. We designed them in such a way that they are accessible to beginners, while offering enough depth to challenge more experienced artists.

Which is the inscription process?

To find out the registration process for these certifications or for any other program, pressHERE


Ready to start your training as an artist here?

We have provided general information about this program, but if you would like more details or still have questions, we will be happy to provide additional advice. It is part of our mission to accompany you and guide you from day one on your path as an artist.

Please complete the form and request advice through a Zoom session.

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