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dibujo estructural - Academy of realist art mexico
dibujo estructural - Academy of realist art mexico

Structural Drawing

Explore the world of Structural Drawing with our online program. This course is designed for artists of all levels, giving you the essential skills to capture the structure and form of any object with clarity and precision. With the convenience of learning from your home and the guidance of expert instructors, this program is ideal for developing your drawing skills. Join us and take the first step to improve your technique and artistic expression.

dibujo estructural - Academy of realist art mexico


This online course provides advanced instruction in drawing, focusing on academic techniques with live models. Students will learn to capture proportions and structures of the human body, using traditional and modern methods. The goal is to develop a precise technical vision, incorporating anatomy, perspective and chiaroscuro in his works. Inspired by the classical masters, this course also encourages personal artistic expression.

Different aspects will be addressed such as correct proportion, mastery of body perspective, geometric construction of figures, and realistic shading to represent volume. Students will learn to integrate all of these elements to create harmonious and expressive compositions.

Each workshop session includes a critical analysis of the work performed, fostering a deep understanding of the artistic processes and techniques used. The aim is for students not only to copy reality, but also to train their perception and artistic sensitivity to give life to works with depth and meaning.

The program is structured into five modules, each lasting four weeks:

  1. Basic analytical drawing.

  2. Structural head.

  3. Structural torso.

  4. Structural upper member.

  5. Structural lower limb.

Each module focuses on specific aspects of drawing, allowing students to progress comprehensively and coherently in their learning. At the end of the workshop, students are expected to possess solid structural drawing skills and a greater ability to interpret and express their ideas in a creative and technical manner.


No prior knowledge is required to take the structural drawing course.


5 months


Certificate with international recognition will be delivered upon completion of all modules.


Module start every month

Tuesday from 3:00 to 5:00pm via zoom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications does ARAM grant after completing this course?

Certificate with international recognition will be delivered upon completion of all modules.

What is the duration of the courses and certifications?

The online course in structural drawing lasts 5 months.

What are the costs of the courses?

The structural drawing course has a monthly cost of $2000 MXN.

Is previous experience necessary to take the courses?

No prior experience is required to take our courses. We designed them in such a way that they are accessible to beginners, while offering enough depth to challenge more experienced artists.



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