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pintura de estudiante de Academy of Realist Art - ARAM
pintura de estudiante de Academy of Realist Art - ARAM

Oil Paiting I

After consolidating the bases of drawing with dry media, they immerse themselves in the world of oil painting. The goal is to master the grisaille technique, an approach that involves a thorough study of light-dark values. Through reproducing masterpieces, working with plaster replicas, and painting human figures, students not only hone their technique, but also understand how great artists solved compositional and technical challenges.


Our program is designed so that students, once they have established the foundations of drawing with dry media, advance towards the complexity and richness of oil painting. They will begin by exploring the grisaille technique, a method that demands a meticulous study of light-dark values, essential to understanding depth and volume in painting. This rigorous and detailed approach is essential to capturing the essence of master prints, plaster replicas and painting of the human figure.

The evolution towards the use of color is done gradually, initially focusing on the properties of hue and saturation, allowing students to develop an intimate understanding of how colors interact in a composition. Reproducing masterpieces gives them the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the creative process of the great masters, analyzing and learning how they solved specific artistic challenges in their works.

The study of painting three-dimensional objects focuses on perishable still lifes, challenging students to capture the ephemeral beauty of these objects through studies of color synthesis. This practice fosters not only technical skill, but also a deeper appreciation of the transitory nature of life and its artistic representation.

Finally, human figure painting sessions extend to poses lasting more than 24 hours. This approach allows students to rise to the challenge of capturing the semi-static essence of the model, a crucial skill for any artist seeking to depict the human form with authenticity and depth.

This program is meticulously designed to guide students through a journey of discovery and refinement, culminating in solid understanding and skill in both drawing and oil painting.


To take the Oil Painting I diploma, the student must have previously taken the Classical Drawing diploma. 


3 trimestres (carga completa)

arte de estudiante ARAM

Human Figure in Grisaille

Human Figure in color I

Practicum V

Practicum VI

Practicum VII

The Oil Painting I diploma consists of a total of 8 4-hour subjects and 3 2-hour subjects, which are presented in the following diagram indicating the order in which they must be taken.


Cast in Grisaille

Cast in Color 

Still Life in Color I

Master Copies in Grisaille 

Color Master Copies I

Color Master Copies II


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